How to Choose The Best Home Deep Fryer

All right, so it isn’t really the most gadgety of gadgets, but a home deep fryer really is a must have kitchen gadget.  I’ve had a countertop deep fryer for just about my entire adult life and I use it frequently.  If you haven’t had tater tots fresh from a boiling caldron of hot peanut oil, then you just haven’t lived.

Before we move on, the tl;dr version of this post is that I think this deep fryer is the best.

Now, where were we?

While people like to make fun of fast food employees, there really is a bit of art and technique to making perfectly crispy non-greasy deep fried foods. A lot of it has to do with the main tool you’re going to use – your deep fat fryer.

The Delonghi Dual Zone is the Best Deep Fat Fryer! Get it on

Not all fryers are created equal, and there are definitely some important aspects you need to look for when you’re checking out deep fryers for the home.

You Want a Home Deep Fryer With Adjustable Temperature Settings

Proper deep frying requires a bit of adjustability when it comes to the temperature.  You can’t deep fry fish and french fries at the same temperature;  You’ll either burn your fish to a crisp (not a good crisp – a gross crisp), or your french fries will be soggy and undercooked.  Fish usually deep fries at around 350°, but 375° is a more appropriate temperature for french fries – and yes that little bit makes a difference.  What I’m getting at here is that those one-temperature deep fryers just aren’t going to cut it.

Small Home Deep Fryers With Low Capacity Are Lame

There are some inexpensive tiny deep fryers out there, and if these are the only fryers within your budget, just skip it.  Unless you plan to deep fry 7 french fries at a time, maybe 1 chicken tender, or a handful of battered broccoli, then you’re just going to be disappointed with a cheap deep fryer’s capacity.  This may sound a bit strange, but deep frying is a group affair – almost any time someone finds out I have mine, they want to deep fry anything and everything.  It’s great for parties, and a tiny little deep fryer just won’t measure up.

The Best Home Deep Fryer Is One That Is Easy To Clean

As you might imagine, a large vat of boiling fat can make for a quite a mess.  While it isn’t necessary to clean your deep fryer after every use, it should be done regularly.  My deep fryer is easy to take apart, the oil can be easily poured out without spilling everywhere, and the whole thing except the control panel is dishwasher safe.  This is exactly what you want in your deep fryer.

So What Is The Best Deep Fryer for Home Use?

While I haven’t personally used this one – I have a model that is no longer available, but incredibly similar – my vote goes to the Delonghi Dual Zone.  It has all of the features I mentioned above and then some.  You can go check this out over at, or follow me as I dig deeper into the Delonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryer.

The Presto Dual Basket Deep Fryer

Presto Dual Basket Deep Fryer

What’s better than one basket full of deep fried foods?  TWO baskets of deep fried foods, of course.  This is where something like the Presto Dual Basket Deep Fryer comes in.  Here are the specs:

  • 12 cup capacity (total)
  • 2 (oh yes, 2) baskets for perfect meal timing
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Has an 1800 Watt heating element
  • Price $74.99 [See Price on Amazon]

This deep fryer is great if you make breaded and beer battered foods like fish fry, chicken cutlets, egg plant patties, schnitzels, etc. for more than just yourself.  These things can only be cooked 1 at a time per basket, so having two baskets really helps your meal timing out a ton.  With the Presto dual deep fryer you won’t have one person eating a room temperature meal.

The only down side to any non-commercial dual deep fryer is the single heating element.  As I’ve mentioned before, things deep fry best at different temperatures, so you wouldn’t be cooking your fish and chips simultaneously.  One quick tip to keep in mind is that you should deep fry your potatoes first because they retain heat way better than most other foods.

The Presto Dual Basket Deep Fryer’s ability to help you perfect your meal timing while not costing nearly as much as a commercial unit really makes it the ideal solution for your home deep fried meals.

The Ex Knife Set

The Ex Knife Set

The ex knife set is quite a unique kitchen gadget.  As you can see, it’s a voodoo doll style knife holder that holds 5 stainless steel knives.  This decorative piece is a great way to relieve a little stress every time you put away a knife.  You don’t have to limit yourself to voodoo stabbing your ex. It could be your loud neighbor, your boss, or any other irritating person in your life. No need to let this knife set’s name limit your RageFantasy.

What The Ex Voodoo Knife Set Comes With

  • 1 Paring Knife (3/1 inch)
  • 1 Chef Knife (8 inch)
  • 1 Carving Knife (8 inch)
  • 1 Bread Knife (8 inch)
  • 1 Utility Knife (5 inch)
  • 1 Human-Shaped Knife Holder (to stab! er… I mean, uh… for storing your knives)

The knives are stainless steel and quite sharp, and will look awesome while stored. The Ex Knife Set makes a great functional and interesting display piece for your kitchen.  It also comes in black, gold, and pink.  You can have a look at them over on Amazon.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine   (Click The Pic To See The Current Price on Amazon)

There’s nothing like the taste of freshly made french vanilla ice cream. It’s one of the most basic but delicious deserts out there.  Having a soft serve ice cream machine allows me to create this concoction on command, along with many other flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt.  It’s for this reason that I think a soft serve ice cream maker is a must have kitchen gadget.

I prefer a soft serve machine to a machine that makes regular ice cream for a couple of reasons.  The first is that I find the light and airy texture of soft serve ice cream works better as an after-dinner desert.  Regular ice cream after a meal is a bit heavy for me.

Another reason why I think a soft serve maker is superior is it’s versatility.  It can not only make soft serve ice cream, but frozen yogurt and sorbets as well.  While I’m perfectly fine being a big fat fatty who eats ice cream on a regular basis, some try to keep their frozen deserts a little healthier.  Soft serve in general tends to be a bit healthier than regular ice cream, and healthier still are options like frozen yogurt, sorbets and sherbets due to their containing yogurt and fruit respectively.  I am fond of sorbets because they include alcohol and I’m a lush.  If you’re wondering what the difference between sorbet and sherbet is – sherbet has a little bit of milk in it.  That’s pretty much it.

Making ice cream at home is actually rather easy, and requires few ingredients.  If you love having ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet on tap get yourself a soft serve ice cream machine.

Pac-Man Oven Mitt

pac man oven mitt, pac man hothead

The Hotheads Pac Man Oven Mitt

I think it’s no coincidence that a game as awesome as Pac-Man and I were born within mere days of each other.  I’m pretty sure it’s a scientific fact that things that kickass are frequently born in close calendrical proximity to one another.

And finally, 30(ish) years later, someone has made a Pacman oven mitt commemorating this amazing game.

It’s about damned time.

It’s cool – you want one – and now when you make your cookies, this unique kitchen gadget will remind you of one of the greatest video games of all time.  Check out this Pac-man hothead oven mitt on

The Vapur Water Bottle

vapur water bottle

Vapur Water Bottle In Blue – They Come in a Ton Of Colors & Fun Designs

The Vapur Water bottle is a bottle made by a new(ish) company (Vapur) who’s focus is on creating collapsible water bottles for a market beyond backpackers and hikers.  They are also strongly focused on creating an ‘Merican-made product that is both useful and environmentally friendly.  Their Vapur bottle is a clean and convenient way to carry your water with you wherever you go.

The Vapur Anti-Bottle

The Vapur flexible anti-bottle is not a product that has the opposite function of a water bottle, but rather it helps to elminate the effects of processing and disposing of traditional water bottles.  It eliminates the need for the ridiculous amount of petroleum required to create a constant supply of disposable bottles, and far fewer of Vapur water bottles will find themselves taking up space in some landfill somewhere where it will never biodegrade.  This makes this product Earth friendly – it helps keep our planet clean.

The Vapur Bottle Also Keeps Your Water Clean

Some plastic bottles can impart an undesirable plastic taste to your water.  The Vapur’s construction involves an inner layer of FDA approved BPA-free polyethylene.  This material prevents that nasty taste associated with other bottles, and it can withstand being frozen, or having boiling beverages poured in (though this isn’t recommended because the anti-bottle will get very hot to the touch).  This inner layer is bonded to a couple layers of nylon which makes for a very durable but flexible bottle.

The Vapur Collapsible Water Bottle Is Convenient To Carry

Tons of people carry around reusable water bottles.  This started with those plastic bottles that everyone freaked out about, then everyone shifted to metal bottles or bought new BPA-free versions of their old bottles.  Either way, these bottles all have one thing in common – rigid sides.  A foldable water bottle adds an extra aspect of convenience to carrying around your own bottle because you can stash it pretty much anywhere when it’s not full.  Vapur bottles can really pack down, and it also comes with a carabiner so you can clip it on to your belt loops or fanny pack – and let me tell you – the ladies love the look of a man with an eco-friendly water bottle clipped to his hemp fanny pack.

Basically, if you’re like me, and you love NOT paying for water, but having it close at hand at all times, then you can’t go wrong with the Vapur water bottle.  It’s clean for the Earth and your taste buds, and packably stashably cool.  Go grab one for about $10 over at

3 Reasons To Get A Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle

A Couple of Vapur Collapsible Water Bottles

Bottled water is expensive compared to that free stuff we get from the tap, not to mention many people don’t recycle their used water bottles.  Also, regular refillable water bottles are bulky even when they’re empty.  It’s for these reasons that I think a collapsible water bottle is a must have kitchen gadget.

Fill Your Collapsible Water Bottle With Free Water

I dunno if you know this or not, but there’s this apparatus in your kitchen that spews “free” water (though the “freeness” depends on where you live).  Yet, for some reason, people feel the need to continuously buy bottles of water.  You probably don’t even know whether or not that bottled water is actually better than your tap water.  If your excuse is that you don’t like the taste of tap water, you could always get a Brita water filter.  Replacing the filter in that thing every now and then is still less expensive than buying bottles of water all the time.  I realize bottles of water are very convenient and transportable, and a collapsible water bottle covers that.

Stop Recycling – You Can REUSE Your Collapsible Water Bottle

Disposable water bottles are also recyclable, which is great, except many more of these bottles actually wind up in landfills rather than recycling centers.  There are probably an infinite amount of reasons for this, a lot of them having to do with carelessness or laziness.  If you’ve spent 10 to 20 bucks on a collapsable water bottle though, you’ll probably hang onto that sucker for dear life.  Even if you do recycle your water bottles, it’s still better to use a reusable water bottle.

Collapsible Water Bottles Take Up Less Space When Empty

There are plenty of reusable water bottles out there, but very few have the added convenience of being collapsible.  I’m actually an avid backpacker, so I’ve been aware of the conveniences of collapsible water bottles for some time, but only recently have products like the Vapur water bottle started to permeate the general consumer market.  It’s a wonder it took so long, because it’s a lot easier to pack a collapsible water bottle in a purse, backpack, briefcase or whatever you’re carrying when they’re empty and you can flatten them.

Photo Credit: Fun Comes First @ Flickr

My Beer Batter Recipe

I’ve discussed the best beer batter recipe I know of in my beer battered fish recipe, but I didn’t want anyone thinking it’s only a beer batter recipe for fish.  I have used this batter on fish, chicken, beef, broccoli, cauliflower, Twinkies, candy bars, and basically anything edible that I can get my hands on (coming soon – deep fried cake pops).  It’s always been delicious and I owe it all to this recipe, so here you go.

How to Make Beer Batter


White Flour
Heineken Beer

That’s it.  Three ingredients.  But here’s where it get’s really complicated.


  1. Mix 2 parts white flour with 1 part Bisquick.  I find that 2 & 1 cups is enough for a decent amount of food, but you will have to adjust depending on how much you’re making.
  2. Add Heinken until you achieve a good batter consistency.  It’s difficult to describe exactly what this is, and this might take some practice.  I have found for the above measurements that about 2/3rds of a can of beer will do.  What do you do with the rest of the Heineken?  I recommend dumping it down the drain and then pulling a good beer out of the fridge to drink.  I’m just saying – Heineken is gross.

Whew.  Did you get all that?  I know for you fledgling fryers out there, this beer batter recipe might be a real brain buster, but don’t worry, you’ll get he hang of it in no time.  Just fire up your home deep fryer and give it a try.

Beer Battered Fish Fry Recipe – Northeastern Style

beer battered fish fry recipe

A Northeastern Beer Battered Fish Fry

As much as I love the Seattle area, and their fresh-from-the-ocean fish & chips, I find myself missing a proper northeastern style beer battered fish fry.

I’m from upstate New York, and this is a staple of many restaurants there.  Unfortunately, fish fries are often limited to a Friday special, so I had to figure out how to make my own in my home deep fryer so I could eat one whenever I wanted.

It’s difficult to find a fish fry batter recipe for this particular style of fish fry, and it seems to be some closely guarded secret amongst the Rochester restaurants that feature the best versions of this dish.  Luckily, one night, while I was at the local Wegmans shopping for the fish for my next attempt to create this dish, the fish guy started chatting me up about what I planned on doing with this haddock.

I told him my plans, and my sad previous attempts, and he just sat there shaking his head.  Then he decides he’s going to divulge the secret to the perfect beer batter fish fry in a hushed tone (because it’s a secret, of course).  So this beer batter fish recipe is borne from that interaction and perfected over many of my own iterations of frying up delicious beer battered fish.

What you will need:

(adjust quantities as needed according to the beer batter recipe below)

  • Bisquick
  • White Flour
  • Pan Searing Flower (which is basically very fine flour, salt & spices)
  • Haddock or Cod filet(s) (I prefer haddock, but the recipe and preparation are the same for either)
  • Heineken (I don’t like this as a beer, but this was what he said made the best beer batter, and I haven’t been able to prove him wrong)
  • Deep Fryer & Oil (peanut or vegetable oil)
First, you’re going to want to fire up your deep fryer and set the temp to 360°.  Then you can start on the batter.

Fish Fry Beer Batter Recipe

  • 2 parts white flour (so 2 cups if you’re making just a couple pieces of fish)
  • 1 part Bisquick (1 cup)
  • Stir in Heineken until you achieve the proper thickness – I find about  2/3rds of a beer does it.

That’s it.  It’s a really simple batter, but it comes out incredibly tasty with just the right consitency.

Preparing the Fish For Deep Frying

This is where the pan searing flour comes in.  I usually set up a sort of assembly line to do this.  I have a plate with the fish on it, then another plate with some pan searing flour dumped & spread out on it, then the bowl with the beer batter in it, and then the deep fryer. The steps here should be obvious at this point – cover the fish in the pan searing flour, and then dip it in the batter, and off to the fryer it goes.

Your deep fryer should be completely heated at this point because you’re going to want to transfer your battered fish into the deep fryer immediately.  You also want to make sure your basket is already submerged.  If you drop the fish into the basket, and then the basket into the oil, the batter will drip down and around the basket and it will cook the basket into your fish fry – gross.  It’s a pain to separate, and your fish fry will look like crap once you’ve managed to dislodge the basket.

When you do drop the fish in, it’s best to sort of lay it down into the hot oil.  You just hold one end, and drop the other end into the oil near front of the fryer, and then just gently lay it down and back.  This will keep the delicious beer batter shell intact.  These cod and haddock pieces are large, which is why I recommend a big deep fryer like the Delonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryer, and I generally only cook one piece of fish at a time.

Cooking time: 7 minutes

After 7 minutes, just pull that bad boy out, and put it on a plate that has a layer or two of paper towels on it.  This will help absorb any excess oil from the deep fryer.  If done right though, this fish should come out light, crispy, flakey and not the least bit oily or greasy.

And that’s that: my super secret northeastern style beer battered fish fry recipe.  It will actually work with any type of fish, and the beer batter can be used for just about anything (believe me if you can think of it, I’ve probably done it).  Is this the best beer batter fish recipe on the planet?  I think so!  But if you give it a shot, let me know how it came out in the comments. 🙂

Photo Credit: gleepythehen@flickr

Max Burton Portable Induction Burner

Portable Induction Burner

Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Burner

Out of the choices available, I think the Max Burton Portable Induction Burner is the right one to go with.  It’s got great specs at a great price (under $100), and it gets great reviews.

If you don’t know what induction cooking is, it’s this neat cooking method that uses a coil and magnetic induction to induce an electric current to flow through your pot or pan.  It will only produce this current when it’s sitting on the cooking surface, and the current produced isn’t great enough to shock you or anything.  What it will do is get precisely hot very quickly as a result of the natural resistance of whatever is being heated – whether it’s your ferromagnetic pots and pans or an induction interface disk.

The Max Burton portable induction burner is a great combination of cooking power and a great price.  It’s 1800 Watt burner has 10 different power settings for precise temperature controls.  It might take some getting used to this new style of cooking, so you’ll have to watch what you’re cooking pretty carefully.  Once you get used to it though, it’s pretty simple, and one of the best parts is that you can clean it up and put it away almost immediately; the burner doesn’t need a ton of time cool down like a regular hot plate.  Better yet, you can try this all out for under a hundred bucks.  There are much more expensive similar products out there, but the reviews aren’t nearly as good.

The reviews for this thing on are stellar  – check them out for yourself here.  The Max Burton 6000 and 6200 both have 4 stars & the former has almost 200 reviews, and the latter, around 100.  That is a lot of satisfied customers.  The price, the great reviews, and the cooking power and precise controls are why I think the Max Burton Portable Induction Burner is worth checking out.

Check Out The Induction Hot Plate

induction hot plate

Playing With A New Induction Hot Plate

Induction cooking is the latest in nerdy kitchen gadgetry.  It’s nerdy because of the science behind it, but it’s also safer and more energy efficient than other cooking methods, which is why I think an induction hot plate is a must have kitchen gadget.

Now, you can get an entire induction cooktop, but that’s quite a bit more expensive, and goes beyond the realm of gadgets on into full kitchen remodeling.  What a pain in the butt.  You also might not be ready to fully give up your conventional range.  The induction hotplate is a perfect way to get this cool tech into your home without going overboard with it.

Induction Hot Plates Are Safer Than Other Cooking Methods

Gas stovetops have the obvious danger of an open flame, which a portable induction hot plate doesn’t have.  Of course, you also have the danger associated with potential gas leaks.  Neither of these are so dangerous that you should run out and replace your gas stovetop, but it’s a danger none the less.

Ranges that use a heating element can also present a bit of a danger.  The heating element stays hot for quite some time after its turned off.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably pulled that stupid move where you set a plastic spoon on a burner you turned off 5 minutes ago, only to suddenly smell that revolting oder of melting plastic.  It happens to the best of us.  This could potentially cause a fire, or – and I’ve done this one too – you could burn yourself on a still-hot heating element.

With induction hotplates, you don’t get that lingering heat.  The way induction cooking works – it’s only on & hot when a pot (or anything magnetic) is placed on the induction cooking surface.  You can pull the pot off the cooktop, and the cooking surface is almost immediately cool to the touch.  This is way safer than both electric element & gas stovetops.

You’ll also want to note that either magnetic cookware or an induction interface disk is required for this to work.  Copper, aluminum & pyrex aren’t magnetic, so if you have cookware made of these materials, you’ll need the induction disk.

An Induction Hot Plate Is Energy Efficient

Various studies have been conducted to show that using induction as a cooking method is anywhere from 10 to 20% more efficient than using a heating element.  You can find one such study at here.  Like I said, this cooking method is for nerds.  But it’s also for those who are trying to make their homes as energy efficient as possible; it can help reduce costs & your eco footprint.

The combination of energy efficiency, safety & all around nerdy coolness makes the induction hot plate, like the Max Burton Portable Induction Burner, a must have kitchen gadget.

Photo Credit: Gilgongo@Flickr


Delonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryer – D24527DZ

Delonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryer D24527DZ

There are some key aspects any home deep fryer needs to have, and the Delonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryer covers them all at a great price.  I love deep frying, have years of experience doing it, and quite frankly, I’m pretty sure I’ve perfected it.  With that said, the main qualities I’d look for in a new deep fryer are:

adjustable temperature settings
large capacity
easy to clean

The Delonghi’s Temp Controls

Some deep fryers have an “On” switch and that’s it – no temp controls.  The Delonghi deep fryer has a temperature control knob that goes from 300-370 degrees.  This covers the full range of temperatures required to cook any food you want from fish to french fries.  It’s important to know the proper temperature at which to fry your food because this can really affect how well it cooks, how long to cook it for, how crispy it is, etc.  Delonghi deep fryers all have this same level of temperature control, so they excel in this category.

The Delonghi Dual Zone Has Massive Capacity

You also want to make sure you’re going to be able to cook enough food for your family, friends or both.  This is why I think the Delonghi D24527DZ is the fryer to go with.  You might not always be cooking 3 lbs of food, but it’s good to know you could if you wanted to.

The Delonghi Deep Fryer Is Super Easy To Clean

The Delonghi is really easy to clean because the bowl, frying basket and lid can all be removed.  It also has an easy clean spout which makes changing or storing the oil really easy.  The Delonghi deep fryer filters will prevent food debris from getting in the oil if you plan on storing it.

The Delonghi D24527DZ is The Best Of the Bunch

There are a couple similar models with the same features – the Delonghi D14522DZ and the D34528DZ.  The first is a slightly lower end model.  It’s less expensive, but you miss out on the digital control panel, timer and thermostat.  The timer is particularly important because even 30 seconds can mean the difference between a crispy treat or a soggy mess.

The Delonghi D34528DZ is a bit more expensive than both, and there seems to be no real reason for it. I’ve done some digging around, and it looks like it has the exact same features as the one featured in this post.  It does have a more high-end look to it, and I’m sure there’s more to it, but I don’t see why you’d get this one over the D24527DZ.

The Delonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryer (D234527DZ) is exactly what you need for delicious deep fried delights.  It’s the perfect combination of price and function.  You can check it out over at where you’ll probably find the best price.


Drink Healthier With a Home Soda Maker

Home Soda Maker

Home Soda Maker Recipe – 2 Parts Water, 1 Part Smurf

Let’s face it – soda is disgustingly unhealthy, but dangit if it isn’t delicious.  My conflicted feelings towards this bubbly beverage is why I think a home soda maker is a must have kitchen gadget.

The number one reason for soda’s unfortunate but understandable reputation as a major contributor to American fatification is the dreaded high fructose corn syrup.  The vilification of high fructose corn syrup is a much debated topic, but debate is not what this bloggy wog is about.  It’s about me telling you what you should buy.

When you strip soda down, really all it is is carbonated sugar water.  Home soda makers allow you to create this base beverage, and you can flavor it to your liking.  The great thing is that you control exactly what goes into your soda, and by extension, your body.

Some people (weirdos) even like plain old carbonated water, and your fancy little soda water maker can handle that too.  Add a little slice of lemon, and you’ve got yourself something that resembles lemonade without, you know, the goodness.  But hey, if that’s your thing – by all means, drink up.

You can just wander over to, and decide for yourself what is the best soda maker.

Babycakes Cake Pop Maker

Babycakes Cake Pop Maker With Share Bear

Babycakes Cake Pop Maker & Share Bear – I think it’s no coincidence that Share Bare has cake pops emblazoned upon her chest

Babycakes is the preeminent purveyor of quirky confectionary creating contraptions, and the Babycakes cake pop maker is no exception.  The company certainly has a style all their own.  Some may call it “retro cool,”  others may say it looks like a Care Bear crapped on a George Foreman Grill.

Whatever you think of the style, you can’t argue with the results.  The reviews for the Babycakes Cake Pop machine are overwhelmingly positive.  The included recipes leave a bit to be desired, but you can find proper recipes all over the internet.  If you’re a real cake pop connoisseur, you’ll start experimenting and coming up with your own recipes anyway.

Easy to use, easy to clean.  There’s really nothing more you can ask for in a 1 task kitchen appliance.

“But the Babycake Cake Pop Maker Only Does 1 Thing – What’s the Point?”

Well it does that one thing, and it does it well.  It’s like a toaster, but a toaster can’t make balls of food that you can put on a stick.  Which brings me to the next point:

The Babycakes Cake Pop Maker Makes Food Balls

Cake Pops

MMmmmm Food Balls

Granted “food balls” isn’t a very marketable term, but it really describes what this little machine can do.  Sticking with confections; you can make donut holes, brownie pops, and pancake balls.  Let’s also not forget that these can all be filled with frosting, chocolate, peanut butter, and jelly just to name a few.  This adds a whole new dimension of deliciousness.

I don’t really see anything out there with people experimenting with non-confectionary foods like falafel, meatballs, hush puppies, or veggie balls, but you better believe it’s on my list of things to do.

If you want to make cake pops or food balls the quickest and easiest way possible, go grab a Babycakes Cake Pop Maker from

Photo credit: Jamiesrabbits@flickr

Make Food Balls With A Cake Pop Maker

Twitter Cake Pop Maker

Fresh From the Cake Pop Maker

Any gadget that facilitates the shoving of cake into my face is a must have kitchen gadget in my opinion.  There is no easier way to get cake down the gullet than a bite sized cake ball.  Jam a stick in that cake ball, and you have yourself a cake pop.

Cake pops sort of take the whole fancy cupcake rage, and puts it on a stick.  Like any red-blooded American, I love foods on a stick almost as much as I love deep fried foods.

Hold the phone – Deep fried cake pops?  Yeah, that’s happening.  I just invented it ™©® – coming soon to a State Fair near you.

What Exactly Does a Cake Pop Machine Do For Me?

Well, there are a few different ways to make a cake pop, from scooping balls out of a perfectly good cake, to baking a bunch of little half spheres.  But, no way is quicker and easier than a machine that bakes perfectly formed little cake pop balls for you.

Cake pop makers come complete with recipes, accessories, and as far as ease of operation is concerned, they’re are a piece of – no, no I won’t do it – they’re very easy to use.  Simply whip up that batter, dump it in the little dimples, close up the machine, open it up a few minutes later, cram a stick in those puppies and voila – cake pops!

As I said, cake pop machines come with recipes, but I recommend you experiment a little because the people who come up with these clever little devices are clearly not chefs, if you get my drift.

I don’t really think there’s much more to say here.  It’s cake.  On a stick.  This makes a cake pop maker, like the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker, a must have kitchen gadget.  Check it out on Amazon.

Photo Credit: anthropolemic@flickr